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We even offer our very own special seasoning packets to make your own salsa, a super big hit with customers. Past traditions mean everything to us. We continue these past traditions by using only natural ingredients: fresh chilies, fresh peppers, fresh onions, fresh garlic, and fresh cilantro. All it takes is the first taste, and you immediately experience the Old West difference with our smooth texture, delicate aromas, beautiful colors, and our full-bodied, natural taste. Continuing with our Old West recipes, all our products are “chemical-free,” because we continue the age-old practice used by the original homesteaders: lemon juice, lime juice, and red wine vinegar to preserve our products. It’s an all-natural and very healthy process.

Our recipes are tried and proven that have come from years of new recipes and tweaking the old ones. What’s more American than turning up the grill or cooking up that special meal in the kitchen. And to make everything taste simply awesome, simply adding one of our Old West Sauces, Spices, Rubs (and Salsa’s) to top it all off. The results are a premium selection of truly extraordinary and exceptional Arizona Southwestern products that we know will knock your boots off! We are so confident of our products that we guarantee your “taste buds” have never experienced anything like the homemade recipes from The Old West Sauce & Salsa Co. Products that our customers have come to love, and now purchase and share with their friends, family, and business associates.

We hope your visit to the Old West Sauce & Salsa Co. was both fun, informative, and most important, enjoyable. We, and our entire gang of outlaws, invite you to offer any comments or suggestions you may wish to offer. But be nice to us, so we don’t have to get the Posse out, or place your picture on one of our WANTED POSTERS!