Meet The Founders


Peppi and Carlos enjoyed listening to the stories their parents would share with them about their grandparents, Jose, and Maria Cortes, who lived in Arizona during the Wild West era. Outlaws, Gangs and Mexican banditos were commonplace. Laws were often broken, with banks and stagecoaches held up on a regular basis. Shootouts on the main street, drinking, and gambling played out in every town and city across the Southwest. It was lawless and tough going in Arizona 150 years ago.

Homesteaders like Jose and Maria Cortes, along with other farmers and ranchers, lived a simpler life by working the land. Maria took care of the family and created those scrumptious homemade family recipes which the Cortes have handed down over the generations to their friends and family members.

Back then, the word preservatives were not known or ever used. What Maria cooked up, all came from the fresh vegetables and peppers grown in the fields, planted, and harvested by Jose. Over the years, Maria created numerous sauces and salsa recipes … and would hand-grind the spices she used to season their chicken and meats that were cooked over the open flame. Today, we call it BBQing!

To make the bottled items, like the salsa’ and sauces fresh, (to last longer), Maria would add a touch of vinegar and a splash of lime or lemon juice. Jose would then store them in the cooler root cellar to protect them against the much hotter Arizona climate. To help support the family, Maria would also sell her salsas, sauces, and rubs to the local town merchants and families in the area. It kept her very busy as the popularity of her homemade recipes grew day by day.

Over the years Peppi and Carlos always enjoyed the recipes handed down by their grandparents. However, one day they both decided to sample the other sauces and salsas sold by local grocers. Not widely impressed with the colors, flavor, or taste offered by these mass-produced products, they decided to start a company to recreate Maria’s old homemade recipes. They founded a company and named it The Old West Sause & Salsa Co.

Peppi and Carlos had a desire to recreate their grandmother’s original homemade recipes so that today, everyone could experience for themselves, the dramatic difference between her homemade recipes, versus today's mass-produced products. Peppi and Carlos’s only focus was producing a far superior product. One that was “all-natural, contained no preservatives, and was gluten-free.” The Old West products are exactly that ... Homemade, with vibrant colors and exploding flavors that we guarantee will knock your boots off. And to bring back a little of the old Wild West history, Peppi and Carlos created their product labels as “Wanted Posters” with each of their selections named after a famous outlaw of the Wild West.